Individual Therapy

When I work with people as individuals, I have found that most of us are looking for the same things, a place to connect, someone who will hear and understand, and a path to overcome our hurts, so we can experience healing again. Some of the more common struggles are:  Broken relationships, loss of a loved one, and loneliness.

  • Broken Relationships: One of the biggest questions with broken or failed relationships is, “How did I end up this way?”. Learning to trust again and understanding where things went wrong can be the most difficult parts in the healing journey. Together we can work on a process to find healing.
  • Loss of a Loved One: Is one of the deepest hurts and the grief can overwhelm us. Little reminders can bring you to a place where you feel crippled or unable to function. Together we can listen to the struggles with grief. Honor the memories that come from the heart. Find solace in the continued journey.
  • Loneliness: We all, at times, experience loneliness and there are many questions we struggle with through our experience. Wondering who might care for us, or why do I feel empty. Together we can explore these questions towards a sense of completeness or self worth.